The Advantages of Coolite PU Foam

High Breathability

Anti-Bacterial wigh its revolutionary construction the Coolite open cell PU Foam is 100% breathable. The air can simply flow in the foam which provides a cooler environment for the feet.


With its unique formula the Coolite open cell Foam products will defend the growth of fungus and bacterial, and provide your feet an odor free environment.

Moisture Technology

The creative construction of Coolite open cell Foam products wigh its moisture technology will keep you feet drier and cooler.

Envirnmentally Friendly

Coolite Open cell PU Foam made by Slappys is 100% polyruethane which is an environmentally friendly product. We care about the quality of the life. We care about the earth.

Light weight

Light density of Coolite open cell Foamleads to light weight insole products which makes people feel like walking on air.


Strength of Coolite in terms of abrasion, wear and tear properties prevails other foams of its kind. Finished insoles of Coolite Foam can be machine washed without any loss of its performance.

Ever-last Cushioning

Coolite open cell Foam is widely applied in footwear industry for ever lasting comfort and cushioning due to its excellent low compression set which is less than 5%.